Found, the real time lost dog app

The lost dog alert that moves faster than your dog

Dogs follow their noses - and sometimes that can lead them astray. But luckily, there's Found, the real time lost dog app.
So before your dog gets lost, download Found.

Tell us about your best friend and upload a photo.

If your dog goes missing, it's best to be prepared. Register your dog on the app so that if he or she goes walkies without you, you're prepared

If your dog goes missing, send out a free alert to people in the area using Google's ad network.

With the push of a button, you can send out an alert to everyone in the area who's online, for free. That way they'll know there's a missing dog nearby, so they can keep an eye out and contact you if necessary. That way you should be reunited with your best friend in next to no time.

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Other Found users in the area will also receive a notification, giving you the best possible chance of being reunited with your dog as soon as possible.