Every Purchase Counts



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Every Purchase Counts

All year long, every time you buy any PEDIGREE® product we'll make a donation on your behalf to the shelters and charities that provide the care and safety for homeless dogs.

It's an easy way for you to do your bit. You're not only looking after your own dog's welfare by choosing PEDIGREE® at mealtimes, you're catering to the needs of thousands of other, less fortunate dogs too. 

Ready to Adopt?

Nothing makes us happier than when a shelter dog simply becomes a dog. So if you're thinking of adopting (or know of someone else who is), all the information you need, including the contact details of your nearest shelter, can be found right here. Take a sniff around. Click here to find out more.

Who benefits?

Through the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive and The PEDIGREE® Foundation, we are committed to supporting organisations, and charities and shelters nationwide, as they play a leading role in rescuing and relocating dogs that find themselves, for whatever reason, and through no fault of their own, without a loving home or owner. Click here to find out who benefitted in previous years.
We hope you can join us as we em'bark' of this worthwhile, productive and heartwarming journey.

Thanks for choosing PEDIGREE®. With your support we can help homeless dogs nationwide.