Dog Adoption Success Stories


  • This is where you can find out about the stories of shelter dogs that are now living in loving, caring homes around New Zealand and have found their own happy ending. Remember, these are the lucky ones. There are thousands more like them, waiting in centres across the country that need our help.

  • Rosie's Story

    Brian and Chris moved into their new property where they were allowed a dog, which they had been longing to have. They had the food and kennel waiting for the day their new family member was found. After a month of looking, on Chris’s birthday we went to the Bay of Islands SPCA shelter and found Rosie amongst many other non appealing dogs. 
    It was a cold wet stormy day and Rosie was shaking, we held her in our arms and wrapped her inside our jacket. We took her home that day. From that day forward we have been one happy family. Rosie loves her new home, she sleeps in bed with her Mum and Dad, goes everywhere with them and is a very happy young dog.
    Rosie is a Border Collie x Staffie medium breed dog and is approximately for months old

  • Brie's Story

    This is a picture of our new puppy Brie. 
    We adopted her because we saw an article in out local Central Hawkes Bay newspaper on Tuesday the 14th of July which showed how our local Wiapukurau SPCA was inundated with 17 puppies.
    One litter of Brindle pups had been dropped at the gate of the SPCA in a cardboard box overnight. We went in to look at all of them and this one pup sat back and studied us as long as we were watching it, that was the one, of course that we chose.
    Her breed is unknown but she is now about 4 months old and is getting very chunky. There must be some Staffy or Labrador in there somewhere because she’s now about 15 kgs. She is the second dog we have adopted through our local SPCA and we highly commend the work they do in our community

  • Monte's Story

    We checked on animal shelters via the internet, where we came across Monty's picture. 
    I rang and spoke to the lovely ladies at P.A.W’s Animal Shelter. We drove down and met little Monty, where we found out he was apparently on the vets table sedated and to be put to sleep. 
    We are so glad he is part of our family he enjoys his walks and play time at the park. 
    He is totally spoilt by the family and has a Nana that comes around and dog-sits if we are away for the day. He has a few beds but prefers our bed. 
    For a little dog, he has a big personality.

  • Guage's Story

    Jonte & I bought our Home this year and wanted to add to our Pet Family. We have been looking around for a while and when we saw the Lab ( Gauge as we now call him ) we knew he was the one. 

    His Mum and 6 Pups were picked up from a House in Brooklyn, Wellington as they weren't wanted =( We feel Great saving a Pup from what could of been a not very nice life. And we want to give him the best start to his life. He is Full of Energy and is Teaching us a thing or 2. So Far he seems to be in charge, will have to work on changing that Haha.

    They estimate his age to be currently 9 weeks, DOB 1st September 2012 as thats what they think, He is a Labrador X ( They are unsure what he is crossed with ) and He is currently small with a little round tummy which I am sure will get bigger over the next month or so. =)

  • Angel & Ranger's Story

    Angel (born May 2012) is a Border Collie x, rescued by the SPCA from a North Island pound.

    Ranger (born June 2012) is a Hunterway x Staffy, was found by a member of the public with his brothers and sisters in a sack at the Otaki forks.

    Both these puppies are now enjoying 24 acres with their new family, 2 cats, 2 horses, 6 sheep and 12 goats, lots of new friends to play with. They are also enjoying chasing rabbits and pukeko’s and swimming in our big waterhole on hot days.

  • Brussell's Story

    Brussell is a Blue Heeler cross puppy. 4 months old and just simply wonderful!

    3 weeks ago, my partner Brennan and I had to sadly put to sleep our 13 year old cat – Monty. We were absolutely devastated. We always wanted to get a puppy but not until Monty left us since he was so old. We just happened to look at the Wellington SPCA’s website a week later and saw Brussell. Instantly we both fell in love! Bren had always wanted a Blue Heeler dog after having one years ago, Bill and he was such a well behaved dog. It just so happened that Brussell’s photo jumped out to us and we just had to meet him! We took Bren’s daughter and my nephew to the SPCA the next day and immediately we knew Brussell was going to be part of our family. He was wonderful with the children and had such a spunky personality! We filled out the adoption paperwork immediately. We also went to visit Brussell the next day because we just adored him! That afternoon, the SPCA inspector surprise visited us and cleared us as acceptable parents for Brussell. When she saw our other cat Charlie, she knew that Brussell will be well loved :)

    Brussell has been part of our family for a week now. He spends each day with his cousin Bonnie (a Cavoodle) since he has always been in a shelter and always had company so he couldn’t just be left on his own all day. He comes home each day absolutely exhausted but still finds just enough energy to want to play ball or throw around his stuffed toy, Bumble!

    We would love it if we could be part of the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive and get Brussie 1 years supply of PEDIGREE® Dog food. 

  • Samwise Gamgee's Story

    My family found Samwise at a local shelter and when they came in from giving him a walk around the premises, he jumped up on my sister's lap and fell asleep. After our dog of 13 years died, we found it difficult to let another dog into our hearts. Obviously Samwise had a different agenda. We adopted him that day and after moving out of my home, he's still my main puppy in my heart. He comes up to visit for weekends and loves his rides in the car. My sister volunteered at this shelter and it was an amazing place with an amazing vision to give any animal a loving home. We are so blessed to have Sam, and I'm sure he is feeling just as blessed to have a loving family.

  • Rico's Story

    After the February earthquake, I advertised on Trade Me that I would take in dogs for people who needed temporary care for their pets. We took in a number of dogs, but I was contacted by a woman who asked me if I could take her dog permanently as he was hard work and she had arthritis.

    I contacted her, and it turned out that she was in Timaru - not even affected by the earthquake, so I was going to say 'no', but she emailed me a photo of the dog. He was tied up with a collar that turned out to be a cat collar, that was so tight. She said he was able to escape from being tied up, but that she and her son had 'trained' him not to jump their low fence, but he still got out, so had to be tied up with a tight collar. She said he was impossible to train and would not walk without pulling. When I saw the photo with the sad pleading eyes, my heart melted and I agreed to take him. He is a border collie-huntaway X, so full of energy and very keen to learn. When my nephew picked him up, he was terrified of us, terrified of going for a walk, just absolutely a shaking wreck. I wondered what had gone on with him. He wouldn't jump into the car, but luckily we have a very happy wee cairn terrier, and she has helped get him to understand that we aren't going to hurt him. I do wonder what went on with him - he is still terrified of getting his harness on - the previous owner used a haltie which he must have hated. He hates the lead being put on the collar as the slightest bit of tension makes him gag. The harness is great, but now he's pretty much off-lead anyway.

    I have been to training with him and he is now the most fantastic dog. We changed his name from 'Trev' to Rico, and he is just brilliant. I can't believe that she said he was untrainable, as he is a sheep dog! So willing, able and eager. All our neighbours and people in the parks know him and have enjoyed watching him turn into a shaking blithering wreck to a happy, confident playful dog.                       

  • Clay's Story

    I adopted Clay when I was 24 and he was 9 months. I was living in a shared household in Melbourne at the time. I had spent 30 days looking at the RSPCA website at his photo, checking to see if he had been adopted. On the 30th day I called the RSPCA and told them I was coming in to see "shaggy" (his name at the time). My friends and family couldn't believe I'd taken on the responsibility of a dog and actually frowned upon my decision. But I knew, growing up with dogs, what a responsibility they are and I knew I could give Clay the perfect home.

    He was so skinny, small and his eyes were incredibly yellow and wild. He peered at me through the wire gate while the canine attendant told me his story. He was found wandering and covered in concrete. All his hair had fallen out and had grown back but I was warned that he would most likely suffer skin allergies the rest of his life.

    I took him out of the dog run and walked him to a clearing. I bent down and he walked over to me and rested his head in my lap. We sat for thirty minutes; me stroking his wirey coat whilst he snuggled into me. It was love.

    I met my fiance a year later and the three of us have been insperable since. Large milestones we have shared as a family include caravanning around Australia where Clay spent his days swimming at beautiful beaches and also moving to Auckland over two years ago; the place we now all call home.

    Clay's favourite place in Auckland is the off lead dog park at Three Kings mountain.

    The RSPCA animal attendant was right; every change of season like clockwork, Clay's skin allergies flair up. But I was right too; I could give Clay the perfect home.                       

  • Tonka's Story

    Tonka Tuff.

    It was with a heavy heart that I had to put down my beloved dog, and after I became quite depressed. The only remedy was a new dog.

    I drove around half the north island looking for a new potential best mate in all the shelters and pounds. Only to discover my new best mate was at our local SPCA.

    He had no name, (although I later found out from the pound that they had called him sparky), he was just the sweetest most placid little boy ever, how could I say no, so we signed the dotted line and he was ours.

    For 6 years he has blessed our lives now, Hes put up with alot in those years from wearing pretty dresses, being dyed and even having his nails painted (girls lol). He has excelled at dog obedience (even beating the pedigrees) been foster dad to a little kitten, been hunting with the boys and most importantly getting me over the hurdles of life. He is my Guardian.

    He is always been a conversation starter while out for a walk and we are regularly asked what breed is he? I always answer he is a SPCA special and he is my heart.

    The first photo is of him while still at the pound he didn't have the best start in life dumped on the street and left.                        

  • Dennis's Story

    I first saw Dennis on an Humane Society web site and then discovered him on TradeMe also.
    Straight away I could see a character of a puppy in his little face and just adored his little beard.
    We decided to have a look at him as we wanted a smaller dog to befriend our youngest son and to also become a companion and playmate for our existing dog, a labrador/huntaway X, and to also give a less fortunate puppy to join a family that will give him the love and care that he deserves.
    We have had Dennis for about one and a half weeks and he has fit into our family dynamics perfectly, I have trained him to sit, lie down on command and also to sit and wait for permission for his food.
    Dennis is playful and cheeky and absolutley loves our big dog and is now sleeping in the same kennel and forever snuggling up to him.
    We are very happy to have given Dennis the home he requires and look forward to a long life with him as our pet.                       

  • Harley's Story

    We adopted Harley at 2 months old from the Tauranga SPCA he is a lil Black Lab cross but looks all Lab, He had a bad start to life as someone put him and his brothers and sisters in a bag and left them to die under a bridge in Te Puke but lucky for us they were found, When we went to the SPCA he was the first dog to come to us and that was it we played with him and did not need to look and further.
    He has a great life now with my family and now makes us a 2 dog family they love to play on the Beach and did lots of holes, He eats his food like its his last meal so the thought of a years free food makes me smile as Harley can eat and costs us a small fortune,

    Harley is now a great part of our family and is spoilt having a years free food would mean we could spoil him even more with treats like his fav Pigs ears lol 

  • Baxter's Story

    In June our family dog of 13 years hurt his leg jumping out of our car and after a few weeks of trying to fix this with numerous visits to the vet we were told that he was too old for the leg to heal. So on 20 June we said goodbye to our beloved Tai. We had decided that we would wait until we had finished grieving for Tai before we considered looking for another dog. But as the days passed it was really noticeable that something was missing from our family. Although we still weren’t sure that we were ready, one rainy Sunday we decided to have a look, first at the West Auckland animal shelter then at the SPCA. When we got the animal shelter my heart just broke. All the dogs would come running up to see you with such a hopefully look on their face that it bought tears to my eyes. It was pretty clear then that we had to help one of their puppies / dogs and that we would be going home with a new addition to our family. 

    Once we got to the SPCA we saw Baxter (then called Samba) in his pen with his brothers and sisters and we knew he was the one. His mum had been brought into the SPCA and he was born there. He had cute floppy ears and big eyes that I couldn’t resist. He’s now been with us for one week and is doing really well. He’s very intelligent and has been learning fast. He comes when called and even sometimes sits on cue. We haven’t had much sleep though!

  • Fenton's Story

    I’ve always wanted a dog. Started off with a small fish tank then on to a big one. From here on it’s gone towards the passion of having parrots which I still have. I’ve always loved animals and pay regular visits to the SPCA and always take some food for the animals there.
    The main reason for getting Fenton is like I mentioned was for the love of animals. Secondly, companionship and third gives me a definite reason to get out of the house and get some much needed exercise! From what I have seen from Fenton so far, I’ve regarded myself quite lucky. He is well behaved except when it comes to dinner time but its work in progress! He is affectionate and gets along with my niece and nephew. He is clever as well so it’s not taking that long to teach him the commands. He has this smile on his face when I come home and that’s something I look forward to everyday.

  • Bob's Story

    We got Bob from the Cambridge pound on the 12th June 2011. Bob came out as we finally bought our first house together and were due to move into our new house on the 11th of June. On the 3rd of June we had just started looking on when Bob's profile came up and we fell in love. We raced down to Cambridge Pound and met him and instantly wanted him to come home with us - unfortunately we were still renting until the 10th of June, we paid the pound to look after Bob until we went down and got him the day after we moved into the new house. My husband was so excited that he designed and then built a special dog house for Bob to sleep in during the day. He has become an important part of the family and is very patient and loyal towards our 10 month old baby. I wouldn't hesitate recommending someone adopt a pet from the pound instead of going to a pet store - Bob is an amazing dog!

  • Romy's Story

    Hi my name is Romy, I live with my new mum in Kawerau, she picked me from all the puppies at the SPCA. My mum thought I was so cute with my grey chest, grey on the tips of my back paws and my overbite, which sometimes makes me look like I am smiling. My mum only had me at home seven weeks when she went on holiday for two weeks. While mum was away I stayed at home with Hayden and Alexis. They took very good care of me. Then my mum came back and we were reunited, but then mum got sick and ended up in hospital for nearly three weeks so I went and stayed with my nan. Well I got into a whole lot of mischief at nans, but she still loved me. For a while I didn't know where I belonged, now my mum is home and we are together. She thinks I am a hard case puppy, full of life. I make such a mess of backyard and mum says "Oh my goodness Romy", what a mess. Mum makes me sit and wait for my dinner, I know when it is coming I race out the door and sit by my bowl.

    I know I have a good home and my mum loves me to bits and I love my mum xxx                       

  • Prince's Story

    The photo is of Prince doing what Greyhounds do best. Chilling out and having cuddles. I got Prince through Greyhounds as Pets (Gap) who work entirely for rehoming Greyhounds after their racing career is over, normally at the age of 3-4 years. Hundreds in the past were put down. I have had greyhounds for the past 8 years as pets and they are the best dogs I have ever dealt with and I have dealt with many as I am a dog groomer.

    Prince had been rehomed before by Gap and unfortunately his owner died and he was looked after for a while by the family but when they couldnt continue they asked Gap to rehome him again. I was looking for an older dog as a companion for my 10 year old greyhound Babe. Prince has fitted in well and Babe loves him. He loves our two cats and our other dog, a cardigan corgi that I got from the SPCA. He loves our daily bush walks and tells me in no uncertain terms when he is ready to go.

    Babe and Prince (who's racing name was Aquatic Prince) will both turn 11 later this year and I look forward to giving them the best retirement that I possibly can. They are the most loving and laid back dogs and deserve the best of everything.

  • Kujo's Story

    We adopted 9 month old 'Kujo' after the previous owner was to moving house and was having trouble finding accommodation that was willing to take pets in Auckland! We knew he was the dog for us as soon as we saw him and now Kujo has a new stable family home and looking forward to his new life with the Osbornes :)

  • Cocoa's Story

    I volunteer at the SPCA on weekends and walked Cocoa one Saturday and fell instantly in love. I came home and told my long-suffering husband to start working on the fence because we were getting a dog! When she came up for adoption I took him out to meet her and the rest is history. She is so happy, playing fetch and being part of our family. We had to teach her how to be a dog again, she didn't know how to play with a ball or how to eat like a lady:) My husband is totally smitten and in fact told me the other day that she was too cute, that's why she gets away with anything. She just looks at us with those big doe eyes, rests her head in your lap and you melt in an instant. She is amazing with all people and all other dogs and is jsut the best dog. We are very blessed.

  • Sarah's Story

    Sarah was one of our puppies and re homed. She was then found by one of the inspectors in poor living conditions. Sarah was then surrendered over to us so we could rehome her again. We had to amputate one of her back legs as she had a subluxating patella, and she was not using her leg fully.
    Sarah got on great with other dogs and played beautifully. She also loved people and didn’t seem to mind cats either.
    She is now in a loving home of a Mum, two girls, and two cats. She is very much loved and part of the family, including her one couch in the living room.

  • Bella's Story

    Bella came to us when one of the inspectors went to pick up her puppies that were surrendered to us. Bella was literally handed to the inspector and told to take her. When Bella came to the shelter she was very timid and we had no history about her. After a week Bella started to come out of her shell and started to become the confident girl she is today. We very quickly discovered that Bella had very little idea on how to play and interact with other dogs. The canine staff and volunteers supervised her a lot in the yard with some very social older puppies and Bella started to learn how to socialise with other dogs. After a few months at the shelter two of us staff took her and her doggy friends to the beach and we were totally taken aback at how well she socialised with all the dogs she met. Bella also went on a lot of visits to schools and other places with the education team as she was great with people.
    Bella is now living the high life with her new owner who has her as a companion dog. It is reported that she has turned into a puppy again and loves her daily off lead walks along the river.

  • Meg's Story

    Meg had been with us since a young puppy. For most of her first year of her life she was under protective custody. During her time at the shelter Meg learnt how to play very well with other dogs, but became a bit wary of strangers and new situations. A dog walking volunteer that has walked her nearly every day for the past year decided that it was time for him to find a new flat where he can have a dog in order to adopt Meg. Meg is now in her new home and doing very well!

  • Sassy's Story

    I lost my dalmatian early last year and subsequently started to look through 'trademe dogs' for another companion.

    I needed a 'free' dog and it had to be a dog needing to be re-homed.

    I didn't want a small dog, a long haired dog, an aggressive type dog, a working type dog or a puppy.

    I scanned the list of available dogs for some time but just couldn't find the 'right' dog for me until up popped some ex-racing greyhounds from a charity called 'hounds4homes'

    I'd never considered a greyhound but i looked them up on the internet and they definitely 'ticked all my boxes'.

    I spent heaps of time talking to hounds4homes who suggested 'spazzy', as she was called then, might be just what i was looking for. she is calm, quiet, affectionate, clean, walks brilliantly on her lead and was in need of a kind and loving new home.

    when i met spazzy i renamed her sassy as she is definitely not spazzy at all except when she does her run around the house (her new race-track???) or plays with a rugby ball which always confuses her as it bounces every which way LOL!

    she has learned to play, and dig in her special spot in the garden (one of her favourite pastimes). she also likes to help pic runner beans and dig up potatoes and pick peas (for which she is rewarded with a few!).

    they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but she has learnt her new name and 'kisses' her food bowl for it to be put on her mat. she has a passion for dry toast which i cut up in to squares and feed her one at a time - each time she is ready for the next piece she 'kisses' the plate!

    she's a wonderful dog and i have absolutely no regrets at all that she has come to me.

    one thing i would like to say is that i could not afford to adopt a dog costing money so many thanks to hounds4homes. also i would like to thank PEDIGREE for supplying the money for sassy to be de-sexed - very important and much appreciated!

    thanks to all for my wonderful new companion!

    susan hay

  • Loui's Story

    Loui is the best thing that has come into my husband and our lives. Hes a great companion and almost human like. We love him too bits.
    Thanks Pedigree for contributing to the desexing of Loui and what you do for Hounds 4 Homes.

  • Cocoa's Story

    When I told my long suffering husband that I was to begin volunteering at the SPCA on the weekends, he said “here we go, I better start getting the property fenced!”
    I denied emphatically that I was going to come home with one, because I’d arranged that I was going to be working with the dogs that weren’t yet available for adoption.
    Enter Cocoa.
    Four shifts later I came home one Saturday afternoon and informed him that I’d fallen in love and I had expressed interest in one of the dogs that I had walked and as soon as she had been temperament tested and health checked, he was going out to meet her but that I knew she was the perfect dog in every way and we’d be so lucky to get her so, in fact, he had better start working on the fencing Getting sign on from the landlord and all the paperwork was just a formality – I knew she was going to be ours because there was no way anyone would say no to her.
    The SPCA called me up and said that Cocoa was ready to meet my husband, had been desexed and everything checked out so we could go out to the Mangere Animal Village whenever we wanted to meet her. I immediately called my husband and told him to meet me there right away, I wanted to waste no time!
    We arrived and the canine attendant brought Cocoa out. It was not My Cocoa, but a pretty similar breed – hence the confusion. Once I explained to them which Cocoa I was actually waiting for, they went out the back and found her but she hadn’t been through all the testing yet. So we left, very deflated and dejected that we hadn’t been able to take our Cocoa home.
    They called a couple of days later to say that the “Right Cocoa” was now ready for adoption. So out we went again and my husband took her for a little walk around the village green and I knew he was sold too. She just had to look up at him with those big brown eyes and try to clamber up on his lap and I knew the deal was done.
    I had to quickly buy some supplies from the SPCA shop: collar, leash, food, toys, car har

  • Tess's Story

    Meet Tess, got her from Tauranga SPCA, I went over to get another puppy to find the one i wanted was taken, so i seen Tess. They managed to get her de sexed for me Yesterday so we got her home yesterday afternoon.

    As soon as she was home she was running around with the kids happy as and even had a apatite. She has settled in really well.I cant get over how clever she is, as only being a pup she listens to me already and stops what she is doing if i tell her to stop :) Plays fetch. I know now that other pup was not meant to be and we were meant to have Tess we couldn't be happier :)

  • Bluey's Story

    I first saw "Bluey" (Kelpie / Border collie) on Trademe. He was found by Taumaranui pound on a farm near Waiuru. He was due to be terminated on the friday so I drove down to see him on Tuesday 28th of June.

    When I first saw him he was pretty skinny, smelly and was barking allot and very anxious. So initially I wasn't sure if he was right for us. I persevered and picked him up for a cuddle, he then quietened down and I stroked his ears and decide to give him a go! I went and got him registered and on the drive home he slept on my lap the whole way.

    He is now 12 weeks and is doing really well. He is settled in with our family and our other dog Jess. They are real good mates. We call them "Truck and trailer" because he follows her everywhere. We now couldn't imagine what the family would be like without Bluey the cheerful, energetic addition!

  • Danny's Story

    Well we have had our new addition to our family for 2 weeks, Danny!
    He has been very happy to settle in to his new home wanting to please us, enjoying his daily walks with Garry & Bo, also enjoys laying by the fire at night.

    He is slowly meeting our grandchildren as they call in.
    Garry & Leah

  • Mia & Whisky's Story

    Our names are Vince and Diane Nelson, we have three amazing, beautiful children, Jacob, Riana and Danyon. We live on a 1 acre property “our little piece of paradise” with mature trees and gardens and MANY pets and animals.
    We had a beautiful chocolate Lab named Mika, who we all loved dearly and was every bit integrated into our family life. Unfortunately for us and her, one evening she decided to go out on to the road, something she very rarely did. A four wheel drive towing a trailer full of furniture hit her and we had to have her put down. Such sadness for us as individuals and as a family. Rest in peace beautiful Mika, thank you for sharing so much love and fun with us all. Without you having been part of our lives we would not be telling a story of Mia and Whiskey.

    Ok on to Mia and Whiskey. After losing our beautiful Mika the big gap she left in our lives couldn’t be filled with other things. Nothing replaces time spent with a dog playing games, having fun walking and exercising. The greeting they give you when you arrive home and the unconditional love they give so freely. Big sloppy licks and nudges from a wet nose when they want your attention.
    After the initial grieving for Mika we made a few visits to the local SPCA here in Te Awamutu. On our first visit we meet Whiskey, as Craig who mangers the SPCA showed us around all the dogs. She lavished Riana, Danyon and I with love and licks. Standing out from her pairs with her uneven brindle black and ginger markings and her over shot bottom jaw. Jacob and Vince were watching from behind a glass door.
    Vince visited the SPCA again with Danyon later in the week, with a donation of pet food and a request to ask after Whiskey from the rest of us. He told our story of losing Mika to Erica, who works at the SPCA. Erica responded with “we have a lab here now; she’s just come in this week. Her name is Mia, she’s 2 years old, do you want to meet her?” It was love at first sight! On their return home they told me of Mia and said “you’ve got to go and see her” “Whiskey’s good, she’s still there too”
    Next morning I couldn’t wait to meet Mia and see Whiskey again. I arrived at the SPCA and Erica took me out to meet Mia. She was penned with Whiskey! As I was spending time with Mia, Erica told Mia’s story as she new it. She is a golden lab staffy x; she’s 2 years old and came from out of town. She had been used for breeding and had several litters of pups. Her last litter of pups had been surrendered to the SPCA and Mia had been picked up roaming not long after that, she was never registered, and then she too was surrendered to the SPCA. She had been at another SPCA for 3 months.
    Erica let Whiskey out to say hello too. Whiskey and Mia played happily together as Erica and I watched and discussed the process of adopting a dog. She then told me Whiskeys story. She is a Mastiff x and is 6 months old. She had come to the SPCA at 6 weeks old after being impounded with her parents and 3 other pups. The pups all had a bad case of conjunctivitis. She and her siblings have lived at the SPCA since. I left the SPCA with a property inspection organised, which has to be passed by an inspector before you can adopt a dog.
    We passed our inspection. After much family discussion we picked Mia up the next day and left, promising Whiskey we would be back to take her home with us in a couple of weeks. Allowing Mia time to settle in as we new life for Whiskey outside of the SPCA was going to be hard work for us all!
    Mia is beautiful! She came home and wouldn’t leave our sides. Somewhere someone has spent time teaching her basics so it didn’t take her long to learn the house rules we wanted her to learn. Our 5 cats did the rest of her training!! She’s been spending her days in the garden with me exploring or just lying on the lawn listening and watching the day go by chewing a bone or a treat or stick, afternoons after school playing with the children and her evenings stretched out in front of the fire with the cats.
    Meanwhile I visited Whiskey at the SPCA and took her for walks when I could. Whiskey came home last weekend for an afternoon visit. She spent time playing with us all especially Mia! She chased our duck, got over confident with the cats and generally had a blast, finishing off her afternoon with a nap in front of the fire with Mia before we returned her to the SPCA. We decided to pick her up on Monday.
    She is now home with us………………..
    Two weeks on in the lives of Mia and Whiskey. Whisky girl has been pretty over whelmed by the world outside of the SPCA. I guess if you spend the beginning of your life in a shelter you will only ever learn the safe shelter life. So it’s been a very slow week as she explores her new life. One good thing is that she has the very experienced “Mama” Mia at her side to help her find her way! Everything we take for granted as people, Whiskey has to discover for the very first time. Her security seems to be when she is attached to lead and taken for a walk to explore her surroundings, she’s happy in the house curled up by the fire, and she’s happy outside just sitting watching the day go by with training sessions and play time put in the mix. Her favorite game seems to be racing with Mia. One dog on either side of the hedge, racing backwards and forwards and darting in an out of the hedge line at each other!
    We are sure that Mia and Whiskey will be pretty happy and safe in our surroundings and home and that their lives will be filled with loads of love. There is a rule in our house now that requires our front gate to be securely shut at all times! We never want to feel the pain of losing another dog in the way we lost Mika.

  • Ed's Story

    Ed was signed over to the SPCA after his elderly owners could no longer look after him due to them having health problems.
    I had already adopted a puppy from the SPCA a few months earlier and she was doing great, but we thought she needed some company.
    We heard of Ed’s plight and decided to give him a chance. He is an older dog and gets on really well with our puppy. He is a gentle soul with a loving nature.
    We are glad to have welcomed him into our family.

  • Panda's Story

    This is the story of how Panda came to be a member of our family. We recently purchased a house and have always wanted to get a dog in our own home so once we were settled we began our search. We discovered Adopt-A-Dog from Napier who rescues dogs from the pound that are due to be put down. The latest dog they had rescued was unknowingly pregnant and had 5 pups who all required homes.
    We arranged a time to view the pups and decided within a few minutes that Panda was the one for us.
    Panda is a 3 month old Foxy Chihuahua, very playful and can be quite a handful at times but has definately found a home for life with us and our 2 young children.

  • Lily's Story

    I and my partner Jo had just recently lost our dog herceles of nearly 17-years when we saw a picture of a lovely puppy called Patch in our local free paper which was advertised by our local SPCA at Tauranga. We thought what a lovely little dog so went over to see the next day but unfortunatly she was on hold for someone else, but however in the pen with Patch was an even smaller black puppy. She was gorgeous an so friendly, came up to us straight away wanting fuss wagging her tail, we couldn't remember her name, I think Molly was her kennel name, we decide then and there to adopt her and call her Lily. I went to pick her up on Monday (28/May).

    Lily had been dumped with a couple of brothers and sisters outside the SPCA. We think she is a Border Collie X and was 8-weeks old when we aquired her and she has settled in so quickly.

    Whenever we take her for walks people all love to make a fuss of her and she just loves people. We let her off the lead pretty much straight away when she is at the park and has socialised so well with other dogs and has been a joy to train and is very obedient.

    The vet thinks Lily was born around 23rd March and is a Border Collie X.

  • Meisha's Story

    We had lost our 19yr old dog 5 years ago so it was a real loss for us. It took awhile to decide to adopt again as he was irreplaceable BUT you can NOT have a family without a dog - it’s the law!! :) They bring such joy and pleasure! So for awhile there I’d search on Facebook at the Waikato SPCA site watching and waiting for my “woo” feeling at pictures of pups/dogs that would come up, 2 months later there she was - a big sappy pup called Betty that caught my eye so off I went to meet her and see if the ‘woo’ feeling would still be there. She was a litter of 6 pups that were dropped off as owners did not want the mother or pups anymore. When we got there they were all huddled together in their area, I was a little unsure as they all looked so simular to each other and  from the photo I feel in love with I was worried I would end up liking one of her brothers or sisters better BUT only one pup stole me - curiously headed  my way she was the cutest of the lot and BONUS I was then told  it was her! My Betty - so you could say she was ment to be and now we have the biggest sap of all  We changed her name to Meisha, first night at home she ended up sleeping on the bed with us nestled under my arm all night, puppy training has gone really well - eager to please this wee girl :) She has a love for the heater  and such a smoocher ! So yet again we will probably raise a real sook of a dog but who cares -shes such a sweetheart!  Between her and our 4year old daughter - she’s certainly a lot quieter and secretly a ’golden child” ;) ;)   

  • Zara's Story

    Our house was becoming a little confined for our son, who had just finished his school years. So he decided he would volunteer at the local SPCA walking dogs, just to keep busy and to get out and about.
    Ethan had a calming effect on most dogs (even the ones I was concerned about) and he took to the challenge with ease. As I visited from time to time he would show me his favourite dogs. Most of these were big, hairy and wolf like critters that smelt bad and drooled consistently. One that he often talked about was a wire haired pointer cross; it actually looked as is it had been captured from the Arctic.

    We talked often about which dog we could have at home, with Cairo ( a blue heeler x) being our first pick. Then River, but she had escaped over 2m high fencing and all kinds of homes hadn't been able to house her curiosity.

    Then, the call came! Dad, Mum, there's a dog here we just have to save. On the way to the SPCA we decided we would not get a dog for some time and we imagined all the smelly, hairy, wet, noisy, messy dogs Ethan loved and shook our heads in defiant celebration.

    We walked up the steep drive to find Ethan grinning and holding this withdrawn, pencil thin, sickly, tiny Chihuahua. Well, that was it. In less than two minutes we were fixed on helping this poor little pure-bred chihuahua find happiness. It was a mess, scours, shivers and shakes, constant cowering and... more scours.

    Some months later... Zara has become the most awesome watchdog and guards our property (and chickens) from invasion and domination by sparrows, minors, the odd stray cat and even the neighbours, from apparently trying to come through the fence. Zara has learnt to sit, stay (sometimes) search and find treats, loves being adored and is a well known kid magnet at soccer.

    One of her favourite games is chasing a rope which dangles in the wind and is tied to the revolving clothesline. We can easily say that in adopting a little forgotten pup has brought a whole lot of joy to a whole lot of people. Thanks SPCA.

  • Caesar's Story

    We first decided to adopt a dog the day before the Feb earthquakes.
    Unfortunately we lost our house so couldn't anymore, we rented for a while and have now bought ourselves a new house with fences and yard just right for a dog. I had always wanted to adopt a dog from Dogwatch or the pound and after having a look at some dogs on Trademe decided that yes we would adopt from there. The guys at Dogwatch were great and helped us to choose Caesar who was around 9wks old when we adopted him he has turned out to be a wonderful family pet who even gets along ok with our cats. He loves walks and his food and sleeps inside at nights in his crate. The kids love him and he gets very excited when they are around. He was at Dogwatch with his brothers who have all been adopted too. Caesar is a Huntaway X and is about knee height so far but he's only around 6 months so still alot of growing to go.

  • Minnie's Story

    My dogs name is Minnie she is a foxy pup 3 months old and weighs 3kgs, I adopted her from our local pound, she was dumped by her owner and was never claimed, she was very scared when I re-homed her, she is doing well and is a lot happier then she was now she is part of a loving family

  • Misty's Story

    My last dog had to be put down 9 months ago and I was very hesitant about getting another dog. My friend Winnie Hodgson who works at Glenfield Countdown suggested I go and have a look at the SPCA.

    When I got there I saw MIssy who I have now called Misty. She was a beautiful looking 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback X and after spending some time with her I adopted her.

    Since she has been home she has been great company and fun to have around. I am really glad I went to the SPCA that day.

  • Duke's Story

    My family have been actively seeking a dog for adoption for the last few months. Given that the dog would need to be ok with cats, chooks, horses, goats, cows & sheep as well as children it was a bit of a big ask.
    We have been checking the SPCA website and the DSS Animal Management website. The thing that was holding us back was that we are not home from 8am in the morning till 4pm in the afternoon.
    The SPCA required somebody to be home during the day which was just not possible. DSS rules were less strict so we spent a lot of time talking to them about the right dog for our requirements.

    We have now just adopted a 8mo lab named Duke by share coincidence . The massage lady at Mars had purchased a lab puppy for her step daughter and was expecting a baby around the same time. Duke was fine until the baby came and then the time needed to give the dog walks and attention was stretched and the stepdaughter who is only 9 was finding the dog a handful as he was quite boisterous and full of energy. They made the decision to re home Duke but had no luck re homing him so were thinking of taking him to the SPCA to surrender him. That’s where luckily through word of mouth we heard about him,

    Thankfully he never made it to the SPCA or a rescue centre but that was where he very likely would of ended up.

    He has had his first big trip with our family with the horses from Auckland to Taupo. Now labelled the 'Big Truck Dog' by all his loyal fans he met over the weekend. Unfortunately we couldn’t let him loose as he is still entire but is booked for a neuter next week.