How Can I Help



You can support a worthy cause

Adopt a dog

There are a number of ways you can help – the biggest way would be to adopt a dog yourself, but if you cant or already have your own canine family member then there are several ways you can make a difference.

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All year long, every time your purchase a PEDIGREE® product we'll be making a donation on your behalf to shelters and dog charities around New Zealand – so that's a great start. 

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Make a Donation

If, like us, you love dogs, and you're into supporting a worthy cause, then you can show your support by making an online donation now. Every bit counts when it comes to the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive. And by opening your wallet you're opening your heart to the plight of thousands of homeless dogs nationwide. Click here to make a donation.

Thanks for choosing PEDIGREE®. With your support we can help homeless dogs nationwide.

In addition you can also do a number of things that will help us, like volunteering at a dog shelter, or making a donation online, which will help us reach our target of $260,000, or even just spreading the word. So get woofing now!!

Would you like to become a Volunteer

Next to giving a dog a loving home the next best thing is giving your time to help out the shelters and organisations that are working hard to achieve the goal of a happy ending. Don't be afraid to give your local SPCA, shelter or canine club a call to see how you can help. Click here to see if there's an organisation near you.