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Basset Hound

Basset Hound
Basset Hound
Basset Hound
The word Basset is French and means "low-set". The first detailed proof of the Basset’s existence was in 1585 where they were used as badger dogs. Their original home was the region of Artois and Flanders.

The French Basset hound was first discovered in Britain, after the invasion by the Normans, in 1066. By the 1900s, packs were established and the breed was popular on the show bench. In 1957 Bassets were sent to Sydney, where today they are found throughout Australia.


Basset Hounds will normally live to 10 years of age but can live up to 12 years when given lots of love and attention as well as being fed the correct diet.


It is fortunate that such a large, solid hound has such a placid nature. It should be outgoing, but gentle and loving. Similar to many breeds, Basset hounds take 18 months to three years to fully mature. During this juvenile stage they are full of energy and tend to get into mischief. However, with firm and consistent discipline, these dogs make well-mannered and much loved family members.




Basset hounds are enthusiastic eaters and should be fed a well-balanced, quality diet. They love to come inside the house, but will manage quite well outside, provided they have a cosy draught-free kennel and a safe back yard in which to romp. It is imperative that yards be fully fenced with reliable gates. Bassets (being scent hounds) have very little road sense – they just put their nose to the ground and off they go on their merry way.

Compared to many other breeds Basset hounds need relatively little grooming, but still love to be pampered and fussed over.

Please take note:
There is nothing worse than a totally unruly, uncontrollable, spoilt Basset. Remember that as these dogs mature, they need both firm and consistent training in order to teach them acceptable manners. Don't let your Basset Hound rule the roost!


People who can provide the right facilities and assert the necessary discipline to enable them to enjoy these colourful canine characters to the full.


If you have decided that the Basset Hound is the dog for you and you are prepared to be a firm and loving leader to this wonderful dog, contact one of the groups listed below: