All About Adoption

Adopting a dog through the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive not only saves a life, it could enrich your own in so many ways. It's a big step. And one that should not be taken lightly. That's why we've put together the following resources, to keep you informed, and to help you reach the right decision.

Things to Think About

Is your current home and lifestyle suited to dog-ownership, or will you have to make a few changes to accommodate your new friend? We have designed some questions to get you thinking about the issues involved with adoption, and what sort of dog is right for you. Click here.

Home is Where the Dog Is?

They're hard to resist, but before you rush into your nearest shelter and grab that furry bundle, you need to educate yourself on a few 'parenting' basics first. Click here for the basics.

Where to Adopt a Dog

To find out where to adopt a dog in your area click here.